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Uncle Brutha's Fire Sauce No. 9 (Green)

UncleBrutha transcends the ordinary, combining the perfect balance of fresh, all-natural chilies, garlic, ginger and other fresh herbs and spices to bring you two of the most versatile sauces ever in the history of the modern food industry.

No. 9 - A bit of a twist on Salsa Verde, Serrano chiles, Garlic and Ginger are blended with a touch of Cilantro and Green Onion, creating a Southwestern / Caj'ian fusion perfect for just about everything.

According to family folklore.... Whilst working as a Pullman porter on the Underground Railroad, my great granduncle George "Brutha" Hubbud came across a patch of wild bushes full of a strange fruit he had never seen before. These special chiles were used to give this sauce its unique flavoring. This highly flavorful sauce is a favorite and has become a key ingredient in many cherished recipes. It is with pride that we present this sauce for your enjoyment and use in your favorite recipes.

Ingredients: Serrano Chiles, Garlic, Vinegar, Vegetable Broth, Kosher Salt, Ginger, Cilantro, Green Onion, Natural flavors, Food Starch, Spices.
All natural: No artificial flavors, No artificial colors, No artificial preservatives.

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Heat Rating Hot
Country United States
Size 148 ml.