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Tips for Your Barbecue - Jim Marks

Jim 'Mr Barbecue' Marks shares his years of experience and expertise to show you how to get the best out of your barbecue, whatever the weather. Barbecuing is a perennially popular activity and this handy guide contains not just a wide range of tasty recipes, but troubleshooting advice on the most frequently asked questions, such as how best to light the barbecue and how to make sure everything is perfectly cooked.

Featuring his insider tips on:
  • choosing the right kind of barbecue
  • different cooking techniques, including basic grilling, stir frying and even roasting
  • choosing the right fuel and equipment
  • using different types of barbecue, including gas models, chiminerias, wagons, and even building your own outdoor barbecue.
  • foolproof ways to ensure the perfect steak, sausage or burger.

Packed with advice and original recipe ideas from the UK's foremost barbecue expert Tips for Your Barbecue is essential reading - rain or shine.

Tips for Your Barbecue [Hardcover]

ISBN-13: 978-0091927202

Author: Jim Marks
Over the past thirty years, Jim Marks aka 'Mr Barbecue', has become well known for his lively and adventurous barbecue cookery demonstrations which, together with his bestselling barbecue cookbooks (his first book for Penguin has sold 130,000 copies) and numerous TV and radio appearances, and has inspired thousands of barbecuers to upgrade their alfresco culinary ambitions beyond the domain of burgers, bangers and baked potatoes.

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