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The Source

At a reputed 7,100,000 (that's over seven million) Scoville units this is indeed a very special sauce or more correctly a Pepper Extract - not for direct consumption but as a food additive.

Hand made. Each 1 ounce bottle is encased in a cardboard box with the origin story enclosed. A collectors item.

2003 Scovie Awards, won 3rd Place in Full Product/Product Packaging Category.
2003 Scovie Awards, won 1st Place in Flat Art/Best Super Hot Label Category.
2002 International Fiery Foods Show, won 3rd Place for Product Packaging, in Albuquerque, NM
2002 International Fiery Foods Show, won 1st Place in Best Super Hot Label Category, in Albuquerque, NM

Ingredients: Natural extractives of Chile peppers.

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Products specifications
Heat Rating Insane+++
Scoville Heat Units 7,100,000
Country United States
Size 1 oz