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Search - ChilliWorld Gift ideas for Friends & Family Blairs Death Minin 4 Pack

Hot Sauces and snacks naturally make for great gifts and as a bonus many come ready packaged for the job. There's a whole variety of products and at a range of prices too, we've just touched on a few ideas below to get you started.

Blair sauces need no introduction and Blair Lazar has, Dave's Gourmet Insanity Wood Crate Selectionfrom the early days, understood the importance of presentation. While many of Blairs sauce start at the nuclear hot and head straight north into thefood additive territorythere are some great options available as an introduction to the hotter end of the market, not least Blair's Death 4 pack of mini sauce bottles, two of which come with Blair's famous death skull keychain - one of the most popular gifts we offer.

Of course you can't mention Blair without mentioning Dave's Gourmet and the Insanity brand created by Mad Dog 357 with Bullet keychainDave Hirschkop, a legend in the world of hot sauces. Dave invented the Super-Hot Sauce category and his Insanity Wood Crate collection offers an ideal introduction to his Insanity sauce range.

The Mad Dog 357 range may be a newcomer by Blair and Daves standards but has been around long enough to become a best seller and entrenched in hot sauce history. The Bullet Keychain with every bottle makes for a great talking point (it contains a tiny tasting spoon) and the bottle will last all but the most pain addicted chilli-heads a very long time - this is no ketchup!

The Hottest fuckin' nuts from Figueroa Brothers, Inc.Know a friend who's having a party and want to take something original? How about a box of fiery hot peanuts, The Hottest Fuckin' Nuts will be a talking point before the pot is even opened, stark black & white imagery underlines the gist of the text... you have to be a bit more than just nuts to try them - when the first brave souls do, they won't be disappointed and there's plenty in one can to go around... We have a how range of Nuts & Snacks including the ever popular wasabi peanuts.

The Halloween special Ass Reaper.Halloween is always a great opportunity to throw a party and there are plenty of hot sauces to heat-up the cooler autumn nights and that will add to the theme. A great favourite for its heat and taste is the caped Ass Reaper with a scarey skull peeking out - fortified with oleoresin its a caped-crusader for the super hot category! If it's something dangly you're after then Day of the Dead's skeleton keychain is just the thing. Brewed especially for the Mexican festival of the same name makes it doubly appropriate for our own Hallowe'en.

A bit more expensive but worth every penny, the products below offer some of the most eyeatching packaging around, in fact we know, for a fact, that many people buy these just to stick on the shelf - of course it's up to the lucky recipient whether or not to consume them but if you are giving these as gifts then please be sure to pass on the warnings as to use, these should not be consumed directly, they are food additives only.

Cool Million Pepper Extract from the Poison Pepper Company.
Cool Million
Da Bomb The Final Answer.
Naga Sabi Bomb
Blairs 3 AM fron Blair Lazar.
Blair's 3 A.M.
Da Bomb The Final Answer.
The Final Answer
The Source from Original Juan.
The Source

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