Chilliworld: Hot Chilli Sauces from around the world. Whether you're a hardened chilli-head or a newcomer to the world of chilli and pepper sauces, we aim to please. Our selection of chilli sauce from around the world range from the mild to the insanely wild. We carry a wide variety of tasty Caribbean sauces, sauces with great names which make good gifts, to the food additives for which you must sign a disclaimer. If there's something you are looking for that we don't have, let us know, we'll try our best to get it.
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Books on all things chilli and hot sauce.


Weber's Fun and Easy Grilling Guide - Lucy Knox
Weber grills are renowned worldwide for their quality, durability and versatility. This series of books brings the Weber magic to a whole new audience using exciting recipes i... read more


Barbecue 'Matchbox' Cookbook - Thomas Feller
Included in this work are 80 delicious and easy-to-follow recipes, which will light up any barbecue! It is the perfect source of inspiration whatever the occasion - from parti... read more


Roadfood: Guide to the Best Barbecue Joints - Jane Stern
Roadfood: The Coast-To-Coast Guide to 800 of the Best Barbecue Joints, Lobster Shacks, Ice Cream Parlors, Highway Diners, and Mu (Roadfood: The Coast-To-Coast Guide to the Bes... read more


Vegan Barbecues and Buffets - Linda Majzlik
This collection of recipes provides a variety of summer outdoor feasts suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Having a barbecue on a hot summer's day? Laying on a buf... read more


Cooking with Chilli Peppers - Coleen and Bob Simmons
All About Chiles; How hot is the chile?; Handling hot chiles; Buying and storage of fresh chiles; Fresh chiles; Dried chiles; The chile pantry; Chile sources; What to drink wi... read more


The Best Little Marinades Cookbook - Karen Adler
THE BEST LITTLE MARINADES COOKBOOK offers a variety of homemade marinades, pastes, and rubs that add signature flavors before the meat is cooked. Provencal White Wine Marinade... read more


The Sriracha Cookbook: 50 Rooster Sauce Recipes - R. Clemens
You’ve drizzled the addictively spicy chili sauce over your breakfast eggs, noodles, and French fries, but now it’s time to take your Sriracha obsession to bold, new heights. ... read more


500 Barbecue Sizzlers - Paul Kirk
Rediscover the thrill of the grill with this comprehensive barbecue compendium, which offers hundreds of sizzling recipes inspired by cuisines around the world. From simple an... read more


Hot Peppers: The Story of Cajuns and Capsicum
Smitten by a love of hot peppers, journalist Richard Schweid travelled to the capital of the US hot sauce industry, New Iberia, Louisiana. This is Cajun country, and "capsicum... read more


Tips for Your Barbecue - Jim Marks
Jim 'Mr Barbecue' Marks shares his years of experience and expertise to show you how to get the best out of your barbecue, whatever the weather. Barbecuing is a perennially po... read more


The Chile Pepper Encyclopedia - Dave DeWitt
Dave DeWitt, known as the 'Pope of Peppers' created this, the definitive, encyclopaedia of peppers. In addition to entries on chile species, culture, terminology and agricultu... read more


Nosh 4 Students - Joy May
This recipe book was inspired by the writer's son who left for university with virtually no cooking ability. He did, however, like to eat!
There are 96 full colour pages ... read more


Blistering Barbecues: Burgers, Wraps and Kebabs - Weatherell
Party food at its best from a team who have catered for over 4,000 hungry guests and who know exactly how to satisfy each and every eager taste bud. These are brilliantly deli... read more


Biker Billy Cooks with Fire - Bill Hufnagle
Each week thousands of viewers tune in to watch Billy roar around the kitchen in his black T-shirt and shades, tossing peppers over his shoulder and lobbing eggshells toward t... read more


175 Hot & Spicy Chilli Recipes - Jenni Fleetwood
This is a fiery and delicious collection of chilli-inspired recipes for all occasions, featuring more than 180 photographs. It includes 175 tongue-tingling recipes for chilli-... read more


Everyday Barbecue - Various contributors
Various contributors, additional text written by Linda Doeser.

When the sun is shining who can resist a barbecue?
112 nutritious and delicious recipes. ... read more


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