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All Customer Reviews - Reviews for "Frank's RedHot Xtra Hot Cayenne Pepper Sauce"

These are the Customer reviews we have received for Frank's RedHot Xtra Hot Cayenne Pepper Sauce, most recent first.

Ok. So this sauce is without doubt for those that prefer kethup with a hint of heat. For us chilli heads it is far too runny and far to mild. Fair priced sauce though for the amateurs out there. - Stuart Sweeting
Taste Opinion: OK Heat Opinion: Wimp

A good taste but no heat at all. I'm surprised the Trading Standards Office let them get away with "Red Hot" in the title. - ChilliCthulhu
Taste Opinion: Good Heat Opinion: Wimp

Nice pepper flavor, but certainly not extra hot. Xtra hot should not be labelled on something that's only running about 2000 schovilles. It's not even as hot as a Jalapeno, one of the mildest of the capsaicin chilies. - Warren
Taste Opinion: Very Good Heat Opinion: Mild

i love this sause, i put it on everything from pizza,poutine,chicken, etc. when i first had it made my eyes water and my mouthed burned like hell.. reason is because i put 25% of the bottle on my chicken wings first time eating it lol. very addictive - john
Taste Opinion: DIVINE !! Heat Opinion: Medium

This sauce is not volcanic but its taste is superior to anything I have had. I am almost addicted to it as I have found that I will pour the sauce in a desert spoon and drink it down. . . . . Awesome flavour. Onya Franks - Flat-dog163 Perth W.A.
Taste Opinion: DIVINE !! Heat Opinion: Medium

Prologue: I eat up to 700k scoville stuff. Taste: less vinegar, more cayenne. Heat: Tabasco level = tied. Usage: Everyday Carry(EDC), mix with hotter to tone down the "earthy" flavors. Verdict: Wins my vote against: Tabasco, Louisiana, Texas Pete. - sedgewicksage
Taste Opinion: Very Good Heat Opinion: Wimp

very good sauce for marinating chicken, leave overnight (if you remember to do so) in fridge for a full flavour. can add lemmon or lime juice too and this also works with prawns, they are almost 'cooked' in this after a couple of hours. - strumph69
Taste Opinion: DIVINE !! Heat Opinion: Medium

Frank's XTRA hot is probably necisarry for anyone who likes hot sauce. It's not THAT spicy, so add it to chicken or anything you wana spice up. It's enjoyable, but no atomic fireball sauce. - Aaron
Taste Opinion: Good Heat Opinion: Medium

Frank's Red Hot sauces are the 'everyman's hot sauce'.Nothing that requires a waiver or a quart of milk.But for the price there's lots of flavour,none of the chemical taste of tabasco.Great for splashing liberally on nachos. - Mach-X
Taste Opinion: DIVINE !! Heat Opinion: Medium

This is a good all around hot sauce. LOTS of heat, but not painful. Your eyes may water and your nose will DEFINATELY run, but I am hooked. Good luck! - Erica
Taste Opinion: Good Heat Opinion: Medium

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