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All Customer Reviews - Reviews for "1 Million Scoville Pepper Extract"

These are the Customer reviews we have received for 1 Million Scoville Pepper Extract, most recent first.

Tastes crap, but that's to be expected when it just extract and nothing else. A good primer for those delving into "extract territory" as this one will be more forgiving should you get the "dosage" wrong than those further up the scale. -
Taste Opinion: Grim Heat Opinion: TOO HOT !!

Awesome sauce, I don't care if it says not a sauce and skin irritant on the side, this works in everything. Even spiced up my Branston Pickle brilliantly with this stuff. Gave it to a mate who poured in on his hand - didnt' really wash.... - gyorgy
Taste Opinion: Very Good Heat Opinion: Hot

i use it every now and then, almost daily. at first it was satanic hot, but now it is just too hot, hehe. anyways, i use it on my salads such as green salad, tuna and corn salad. i add some mayonnaise to reduce the hotness, and the taste is devine - Tomer
Taste Opinion: DIVINE !! Heat Opinion: TOO HOT !!

Not a good idea to try this after you have been out drinking. I had some on a crisp and it pretty much crippled me for the evening and lets say the morning after. God damn its HOT!! - Gav
Taste Opinion: Grim Heat Opinion: TOO HOT !!

this is just pure heat, no tomatoes, vinegar, limes juice, etc.......i like the flavor of tabasco, but there is no real heat.... 10 drops of this stuff in a 5 oz. bottle of tabasco is sheer heaven - lefty317
Taste Opinion: Very Good Heat Opinion: Hot

You better pay some respect to this stuff... This sauce look like some thick soya sauce. The taste is fine though this is so hot that it is hard to really enjoy it. I liked that it didn't taste vinegar which is used too often in chilli sauces IMO... - Frederic Bautista
Taste Opinion: Very Good Heat Opinion: TOO HOT !!

Hot, very hot...but if you want a fair priced kick in the head sauce go for 357 mad dog bullet....but for a collector this is sweet! - Stuart Sweeting
Taste Opinion: Good Heat Opinion: Hot

This stuff is insane - it's a shame it doesn't taste so great, but this really goes a long way. I haven't even made a dent into this sauce yet - Great for dares and practical jokes! - Ben
Taste Opinion: OK Heat Opinion: TOO HOT !!

On a scale of to 10 this sauce is 11... no make that 12++++. Select a toothpick with a particularly fine point and - if you dare - dip the tiniest end in and touch to the tongue - HAWOOGHU... I was only kidding... - Mental
Taste Opinion: DIVINE !! Heat Opinion: TOO HOT !!

If you like it hot, look no further! When i say hot, I mean it! A couple of drops goes a long long way. There are hotter extracts but they'll cost ya! If you can cope with hotter than this, you have my upmost respect! - Ian S
Taste Opinion: Very Good Heat Opinion: TOO HOT !!

me and fox had a good mouthful of the stuff and yes its hot but were going to cook a curry when we get home. i got it in me eye and i im ok i just laughed. buy it and drink it eye say! it hasn't really got a flavour just fire x - jody and foxy
Taste Opinion: Good Heat Opinion: Hot

You can dilute this for use they said, with what !!! There's not enough of anything on the planet to dilute this with to make it remotely edible. If anyone want's to try it I've a bottle with only one drop take out for sale. - Master B
Taste Opinion: OK Heat Opinion: TOO HOT !!

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