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All Customer Reviews - Reviews for "El Yucateco XXXtra Hot Habanero"

These are the Customer reviews we have received for El Yucateco XXXtra Hot Habanero, most recent first.

One of the world's finest. Hot but not a killer. Distinctive flavour. - Likeable Louie
Taste Opinion: Very Good Heat Opinion: Hot

Very good sauce, not much heat, but has a great flavor. - Sum guy
Taste Opinion: Very Good Heat Opinion: Mild

Very nice fresh-tasting sauce. Smoky pepper taste dominates, but maybe a touch salty. Slight vinegar tang in background. Heat level isn't "dare" territory, but might scare off more timid users. The red sauce is also good, but I like this more. - chiliwilly
Taste Opinion: Very Good Heat Opinion: Medium

Probably one of the best tasting hot-sauces I have had! Not very hot for me but just a lovely taste and subtle burn. - DoneyKebab
Taste Opinion: Very Good Heat Opinion: Medium

Not a pleasant taste at all... Heat wise its not very hot at all... Very strange taste in my opinion. - Javier
Taste Opinion: Grim Heat Opinion: Medium

Bought a bottle based on good reviews on this website. Good flavor and simple ingredients; relatively inexpensive. Mild to medium heat; Tabasco brand habanero sauce is significantly hotter. Scoville data and heat ratings likely unreliable.t - tex
Taste Opinion: Very Good Heat Opinion: Medium

Was introduced to this sauce while on holiday in Mexico. This is without doubt the best tasting chilli sauce I have ever had. It's also the perfect heat level; just add more of this great tasting sauce to add heat. So glad chilliworld stock it! -
Taste Opinion: DIVINE !! Heat Opinion: Hot

i own 50+ kind of hot sauces and this one is definitely my favorite. Its not very spicy but it tastes amazing I put it on everything, and go through a bottle a week. So delicious! - krystal
Taste Opinion: DIVINE !! Heat Opinion: Medium

Tiene el equilibrio total de un gran sabor natural, bastante picante pero no te dolerá el culo horas después. Excelente salsa de Habanero natural. - P-Dor
Taste Opinion: DIVINE !! Heat Opinion: Hot

A friend brought me a couple of bottles of this sauce, WOW! I have tried many non extract sauces, this has great flavour, similar heat to Marie Sharp's BEWARE but less vinegar and sooooooo much more bite. Please get more! - Chillihead
Taste Opinion: DIVINE !! Heat Opinion: Hot

Very tasty, their hottest sauce so I was expecting something pretty powerful but I wouldn't place it much hotter than their green sauce (my fav). Interesting taste, certainly worth a try!!! - Niki Dinsey
Taste Opinion: Very Good Heat Opinion: Medium

Horrible!!! As hot as a winter day in cold dark Moscow and bloody grim Poo is hotter!! - Stuiart Sweeting
Taste Opinion: Grim Heat Opinion: Wimp

I was buying this at our local grocery store when I dropped the bottle and it broke. Talk about clearing the store! I would hate to think what Da Bomb or Daves Insanity sauce would do. Great to spice up Road House Chili or other mild foods. - Mike
Taste Opinion: Very Good Heat Opinion: Hot

This is a good everyday sauce. Not too hot, but excellent flavor that works on alot of dishes. - Carroll
Taste Opinion: Very Good Heat Opinion: Hot

Arguably the best flavoured sauce I have had. Fantastic heat backs up the round real pepper flavour. A hint of sweetness rounds off this fantastic sauce. And with virtually no preservatives it is how nature intended. -
Taste Opinion: DIVINE !! Heat Opinion: Hot

A really good sauce - the website says 11,600 SUs but it tastes hotter to me, just right , not overwhelming but decent. Good taste too, works with most foods and cheap too - what more can you ask! Recommended! - Dan
Taste Opinion: Very Good Heat Opinion: Hot

First had this at a local Mexican grill, and fell in love with it. One taste will warm your mouth for a few minutes, has a unique flavor. -
Taste Opinion: Very Good Heat Opinion: Hot

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