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All Customer Reviews - Reviews submitted by "dave"
Frank's RedHot Original Cayenne
only hot sauce i use. of course, i don't like hot sauce per se, just love the flavor of this, esp on pizza, wings, eggs, and crackers. more zing than heat, a unique flavor worth the very minor burnfeel this sauce brings. - dave
Taste Opinion: DIVINE !! Heat Opinion: Wimp

Blair's Beyond Death Hot Sauce
i got a bottle from buxton uk. it's nice but blimey it hurts. only need a little bit, think it will last awhile.. - dave
Taste Opinion: DIVINE !! Heat Opinion: TOO HOT !!

Blair's Death Rain Habanero Chips 5oz
These will be the hottest crisp you have tried! It took a while before I could eat a packet in one go without having to have a drink. Great flavour but from experience, avoid getting the coating in your eyes and wash hands prior to visit the toilet! - Dave
Taste Opinion: Very Good Heat Opinion: Hot

Dave's Gourmet Insanity Sauce
This stuff is great - I have Da Bomb ground zero,which is mental but I like this. You can put enough in to taste the sauce not just the heat. Spread thin in burgers it is great or add to chilli. This is my hot sauce of choice these days - fairly safe - Dave
Taste Opinion: DIVINE !! Heat Opinion: Medium

Da' Bomb Ground Zero
You need to respect this stuff. I was used to Daves insanity sauce and use it like ketchup but it is easy to get into trouble with Da Bomb. The heat starts slow and builds up, then lasts a long time. One drop in a burger or soup really spices it up. - Dave
Taste Opinion: Very Good Heat Opinion: TOO HOT !!

Windmill Hot Pepper Sauce
i am yet to find a savoury item that doesn't go with this sauce. tastes great with everything and has a nice kick - Dave
Taste Opinion: DIVINE !! Heat Opinion: Hot

Blair's 16 Million Reserve
I ended up in A&E after this stuff. They had to surgically remove my tongue. DO NOT TRY UNLESS YOU ARE SERIOUSLY XCORE - dave
Taste Opinion: Grim Heat Opinion: TOO HOT !!

Spontaneous Combustion Hot Sauce
This hot sauce is the best/hottest I have ever tasted that does NOT take away from the flavor! - Dave
Taste Opinion: Very Good Heat Opinion: TOO HOT !!

Dave's Gourmet Burning Nuts
These nuts are amazing and so addictive, I would have liked them a little hotther though, after a couple of dozen they seem a lot milder. Love them though and buy loads, shame they are about a fiver per tub. Looking for something hotter. - Dave
Taste Opinion: DIVINE !! Heat Opinion: Hot

The Source
The packaging for this is fantastic, I bought it as a gift and was not dissapointed. Given the heat rating I can't believe anyone would really try the contents, unless diluted massively, but then the other reviews here suggest otherwise... - Dave
Taste Opinion: Good Heat Opinion: TOO HOT !!

Satan's Blood
Its lovely but my arse is still recovering!!!! Give it a go on a slice of toast!!! - Dave
Taste Opinion: Very Good Heat Opinion: Mild

El Yucateco Chipotle Hot Sauce
Tried this with burritos last night. Super-smokey flavour, initially too much but as I got used to it I was wanting more & more. Very different sauce if you like trying different flavours. I think it will go very well with cheese - off to try now ;) - Dave
Taste Opinion: Good Heat Opinion: Medium

El Yucateco Chile Habanero Green
A refreshing alternative to the majority 'tomato based' hot sauces. This is packed full of flavour, fresh habanero flavour and without the vinegar taste that often accompanies green sauces. Recommended. - Dave
Taste Opinion: Very Good Heat Opinion: Medium

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