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Review by Ben
A bottle of this arrived yesterday, and is now half empty... Absolutely beautiful Scotch bonnet flavour and not so hot you can't taste it.
The balance of chilli, mustard and Garlic is very good.
31/03/2013 12:44
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Review by Alex
The best sauce bar none. I think I have tried over 50 maybe even 100 and this is the clear winner for me. Great depth of flavour very clean and fresh almost aromatc pepperiness. It is not too hot but still packs a decent punch. I buy 12 at a time!
05/09/2012 10:47
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Review by westin
This is one of my all time favorite sauces. I use it on everything from hot dogs to turkey sandwiches. It isn't overpoweringly hot, and has an amazing flavor. I always have at least 2 bottles of this. One in the fridge, and a backup in the pantry.
01/05/2012 21:43
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Review by zammo
Am going to keep trying this sauce as i am still unsure about it. Yes it looks good and has a good sweet taste at first then you hit with a prolonged burn. so far so good but it leaves a after taste in your mouth which i dont like. Its plenty hot.
13/01/2008 18:38
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Review by firecrotch
This stuff is the greatest thing since sliced bread, the invention of the airplane, even the wheel.  Spread it all over your body, she'll be sure to lick it off.
20/05/2007 21:33
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Review by Mambo Sun
Truely a giant amongst hot sauces!!!
If you like the Mustard / Caribbean taste then this is up there with Windmill and thankfully easier to get hold of. Even so, I'm stocking-up ahead of the BBQ season JIC...
13/02/2007 01:27
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Review by Gourmet Gob
A wonderful combination of heat and mustard that goes well on everything from chicken to fish - and, not forgetting, the end-of-year Turkey sandwich, it actually makes it a pleasure! You'll wonder how you ever lived without it!
29/12/2006 09:51
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I just tried this because you were out of stock on the red, now I don't know which colour to re-order when this one's done. Lottie is THE supreme saucemaker!!!!
26/11/2006 12:43
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