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Nosh 4 Students - Joy May

This recipe book was inspired by the writer's son who left for university with virtually no cooking ability. He did, however, like to eat!
There are 96 full colour pages with photographs of each recipe - most students seem to complain that "they can't see what it looks like" and so they don't bother.
No measuring scales are required - only a mug, tablespoon and teaspoon. These are found in student kitchens but not much more!
The stitched and glued spine, heavy plastic cover and glossy pages allow it to be laid out flat without damage and rubbed clean easily. All this makes it ideal for "challenging" student kitchen environments.
The recipes are planned so that you need the minimum of pans, dishes and utensils.
The star ratings ***** are an indication of how easy the recipes are.
Most of the meals in the book are healthy and well balanced but there is the odd over indulgent one! Approximately half the recipes are either vegetarian or have a vegetarian alternative. If you are a "fish eating vegetarian" then there are plenty of recipes for you also.

Nosh 4 Students - A Fun Student Cookbook, see every recipe in full colour! [Paperback]

ISBN-13: 978-0954317904

Author: Joy May
I studied Art and Design at Loughborough College of Art and Design. Among other things, I now use my creativity to write cookbooks. I have been married to Ron for over 30 years and we have two sons, Ben and Tim, who have now graduated from Uni. When my sister and I were quite young, probably 5 and 6 years old, we started to cook, mainly cakes, biscuits and simple meals. By the time I was 12, we would cook Sunday lunch. I love this heritage and am passionate about good food. There is nothing I love more than having a house full of people to feed. I started out by writing out first student cookbook back in 2001. Since then we have written new editions including vegetarian versions of the original best seller. For students we have also written 101 Questions Students ask about Cooking and Nosh for Graduates. Would you believe, some of our original students are now married with children (like our son Ben, who has 3 children) and so we have written Nosh for Busy Mums and Dads in the same easy, quick and user-friendly style. Our hope is that this book will become the standard and most-used cookbook in family kitchens just as Nosh for Students has become the standard in student kitchens.

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