Mama Jacqs Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce

New in! This delicious little sauce from Mama Jacqs is packed full of flavour and delivers it all with a spicy kick. We rate it as a real gem of a sauce.

Mama Jacqs Scotch Bonnet Hot sauce is an all-natural scotch bonnet pepper sauce made in the UK by a family of Carribean descent using recipes passed down from generation to generation.

It comes in a neat 100ml bottle and has a nice finishing touch of a non-drip dispenser.

Ingredients - Onion, Scotch Bonnet, Chive, clove, Ginger , Vinegar , Red Bell Pepper,garlic , Pimento Seed, Coriander , Black Pepper, Salt , Sunflower Oil

Products specifications
Heat Rating Very Hot
Chilli Type Scotch Bonnet
Size 100ml
Country United Kingdom
Sauce Type Caribbean
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