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Mad Dog 22 Midnight Special 2 Million SU

Looking to pack some heat that will have people beggin' for mercy? Start with the 22 - Mad Dog 22 Midnight Special Pepper Extract. As a powerful weapon in the Mad Dog Special Edition arsenal, this 22 delivers a super hot 2,000,000 Scoville Unit Pepper Extract to knock anyone off their feet. Using only the finest HPLC certified capsicum and specially packaged in an imported glass bottle, the limited edition Mad Dog 22 Midnight Special delivers a pure clean heat and sparkling flavor to anything it touches. All it takes is one tiny shot. Combined with the rest of the Mad Dog Special Edition Extract Arsenal, it makes anyone an untouchable.

Ingredients: Premium Pure Oleoresin Capsicum (Pepper Extract - may contain soy bean oil).

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Products specifications
Heat Rating Insane+++
Brand Mad Dog
Country United States
Size 50 ml.