Chilli Sauce Recipes

Why are we telling you how to make hot sauce when we're selling the stuff? Well, three good reasons. Firstly, because it's fun! You can organise chilli competitions with your friends, who can aim for the hottest or the best attempt to recreate your own favorite commercial brand, the options are endless. Second, the process of making your own sauce will teach you a lot about the sauces you can buy, not least the work that goes into them, but also about the impact that the various ingredients have on the final flavour. Third, we don't think you'll stop buying our sauces, quite the reverse, you'll want to try more and more - you've been warned! All that said, really, just have fun!

If you're a regular user of chilli sauce or like to experiment you'll know that the taste of sauces varies greatly, based not least on where in the world the originate. We've put together a starting list of sauce recipes from which you can select your favourite style of sauce or, if you're up for it, work your way through the lot!

Attention: Take precautions when handling hot peppers. Many peppers will have a burning effect on sensitive skin or sensitive areas of the body, particularly the eyes. When handling hot peppers it is best to wear latex kitchen gloves. If you don't have these rub some olive oil into your hands. Whatever you do, DO NOT touch your eyes or face while handling hot peppers. When you are finished, discard gloves if you are using them and wash your hands with soap and water.

African Hot Sauce
Bajan Seasoning Hot Sauce
Belizean Style Habanero Sauce
Harissa Style Hot Sauce
Mexican Style Fruity Sauce
Piri-Piri Sauce
Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce

Feel free to email us with your stories and experiences of creating your own sauces and any additional information you think might be useful to fellow sauce brewers. The all important chillies, add a few ingredients and a shake of magic and Hey Presto! This is the best way to learn about sauces and what makes them happen. One thing's for sure, you'll appreciate all the work that goes into some of the great tasting commercial brands.