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Dragon Slayer

Designed to be the next up from dragons blood it seems to have worked well. With our 12Mshu extract blended with a little 15M crystal it has one hell of a kick.

Other ingredients make this a deceptive experience. Prunes, cherries and blueberries are sweet and misleading.

The idea for it popped into my head one day but it took a year or so to find the ingredients. Extremely bloody hot!

Ingredients: Vinegar, Blueberry, Fresh Naga Bih Jolokia, Prunes, Crystallised ginger, cherries, Green Tabasco Chilli, Sugar, 6 Million SHU Extract, 12 Million SHU Extract, 15 Million SHU Crystal.

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Products specifications
Heat Rating Very Hot
Country United Kingdom
Size 100 ml.