Dave's Gourmet Insanity Private Reserve 2006


Dave's Private Reserve 2006 is a limited edition collector's item.

We have number 4178, signed by Dave himself. The contents appear to have spoiled and bottle is slightly jaded but in otherwise good condition. The original bottle may have come in a wooden box but we don't have it. Despite all this it is still a rare and valuable item for your hot head collection!

Should you actually attempt to make use of this product EXERCISE EXTREME CAUTION! This is not a sauce. Avoid any and all skin contact. This is a food additive and is not intended for direct consumption. We recommend it is a collector's item and should not be not consumed. Over 18's only.

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Products specifications
Heat Rating Insane+++
Scoville Heat Units 500,000 - 750,000
Country Costa Rica
Size 148 ml
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