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Cooking with Chilli Peppers - Coleen and Bob Simmons

All About Chiles; How hot is the chile?; Handling hot chiles; Buying and storage of fresh chiles; Fresh chiles; Dried chiles; The chile pantry; Chile sources; What to drink with spicy chile dishes; Basic preparation techniques; Cooking poultry dishes with chiles; Cooking seafood dishes with chiles; Cooking meat dishes with chiles; Cooking meatless entrees with chiles; Cooking side dishes with chiles; Cooking small dishes with chiles; Salsas, sauces and specialities.

Cooking with Chilli Peppers (Nitty Gritty Cookbooks Series) [Paperback]

ISBN 1-55867-149-8

Author: Bob Simmons and Coleen Simmons
Coleen and Bob Simmons are the talented authors of many best-selling Bristol titles. Their other nitty gritty® books include Quick and Easy Pasta Recipes, From Your Ice Cream Maker, Beer and Good Food, New Rice Cooker Cookbook and Cooking With Grains. They teach, give demonstrations, write food-related articles, and are avid collectors of books on food and wine.

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