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ChilliWorld Gourmet Wing Sauce

After years of trying others wing sauces from around the world we at ChilliWorld decided that it was time we created our own world beating wing sauce. Not only is this something special in the taste department but we think you'll agree that the price is a bit tastey too! Too good to miss out on.

It's so easy to make chicken wings with the ChilliWorld Gourmet wing sauce. There are so many recipes "all authentic"! One of the simplest is to boil your chicken pieces in beer (yes beer), coat in ChilliWorld Gourmet Wing Sauce and finish off on the BBQ... enjoy!

All fresh produce and no preservatives for a naturally tasting gourmet experience.

Ingredients: Red Hot peppers, vinegar, garlic and beta carotene.

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Products specifications
Heat Rating Very Hot
Country United States
Size 354 ml.