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ChilliPepperPete Dragons Blood Batch 13 Special Edition

With added Crystal (15 million scovilles)

It had to be done. Batch 13 had to be different and here it is. Extra hot with a slightly different recipe but essentially dragons blood but hotter, much hotter. There are very few sauces on the market to compete with dragons blood and now with the number 13 I hope we have blown away any competition. Let me know if you find better and hotter. If you like Dragons Blood you'll love this. Hot hot hot hot hot hot hot.

Ingredi­ents: Cap­sicum, Vin­egar, Pine­apple, Apple, Bih Jolokia (dried), Fresh stressed Naga pods, Facing Heaven chil­lis, Sugar, tabasco chil­lis, 15M SU Capsaicin Crystal.

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Products specifications
Heat Rating Insane
Country United Kingdom
Size 100 ml.