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Bull Head BBQ Sauce 250 g.

Chinese style barbecue sauce, such as the BULL HEAD Barbecue Sauce(also known as Chinese Satay or Sa-cha sauce), has a long history in Chinese cuisine. The opinions about the origin of barbecue sauce(Sacha) are widely divided. The most reliable is reportedly the spice applied by old Malaysians on pork and beef roasted on skewers, which was named by Chinese as "Sacha (or Chinese Satay)" and introduced to Chao-chou from Malaysia later. By virtue of Chao-chou chefs' preparation and improvement, barbecue sauce became popular everywhere and are widely applied to Chinese cuisine. Accordingly, barbecue sauce became the king of spices for Chinese cuisine.

BULL HEAD barbecue sauce, the leading brand in the market of barbecue sauce, was prepared by Mr. Liu of Haw-Di-I Foods Co., Ltd. with his skills learned from his master in his home country. Its flavor prevails over any other barbecue sauces that are prepared only by cooking spiral shells and, therefore, is loved by consumers.

Ingredients: Soybean oil, Brill Fish, garlic, spice, shallots, sesame, coconut powder, dried shrimp, chili powder and salt.
Flavour Enhancer (621,627,631)

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Heat Rating Hot
Country Taiwan
Size 250 g.