Blair's Halloween 2007 Reserve


Blair's Halloween 2007 Reserve.

Each bottle of only 299 ever made has been hand carved and hand painted by one of twelve selected artists. They are truly beautiful works of art and are wax sealed with a 24k gold dipped skull set into the top.

We have number 271 of only 299 ever made. This item is signed by Blair himself and it in excellent condition.

Of all of our collector's editions this our favourite for the amazing art work.

For more details pelase see this review by Hot Sauce Blog

Should you actually attempt to make use of this product EXERCISE EXTREME CAUTION! This is not a sauce. Avoid any and all skin contact. This is a food additive and is not intended for direct consumption. We recommend it is a collector's item and should not be not consumed. Over 18's only.

Ingredients: Natural Pepper Flavourings, Soybean Oil, Capsaicin Crysal, Habanero, Corn Syrup.

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Heat Rating Insane+++