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Biker Billy Cooks with Fire - Bill Hufnagle

Each week thousands of viewers tune in to watch Billy roar around the kitchen in his black T-shirt and shades, tossing peppers over his shoulder and lobbing eggshells toward the trash. In his first book, Billy invites you to climb aboard for a culinary road trip as he gets the lead out with a sizzling collection of recipes for every meal of the day. These quick, full-flavoured recipes are loaded with 'fire' (a code word for some of the hottest peppers available), but Biker Billy's cuisine is not about torturing the tongue - instead he creates snappy, memorable dishes, such as Lucifer's Angel Pasta, Spanokopita Diablo, Stuffed Shells from Hell, Blender Blaster Pie, and others that provide a real adventure for the taste buds. Rounding out this unique cookbook is a liberal sprinkling of biker banter, motorcycle tips, and ultra-hip photographs that bring the joy and gusto of the open road into your kitchen. Chapter headings: How to Cook Like a Biker; A Peek Behind the Dark Glasses; Biker Party Treats: Appetisers; Salsas and Dips; Condiments and Sauces; Breakfast and Brunch; Lunch and Other Handy Foods; Soups; Pastas and More; Big Bikes: Main Dishes; Sidecars: Side Dishes; Biker Breads; The Ride's End: Desserts.

Biker Billy Cooks with Fire: Robust Recipes from America's Most Outrageous Television Chef [Paperback]

ISBN-13: 978-1884313509

Author: Bill Hufnagle.
Bill Hufnagle aka Biker Billy, is the star and producer of Biker Billy Cooks with Fire. The co-owner of Vidlo Video in New York, he is often spotted riding his motorcycle in his hometown of Madison, New Jersey.

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