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ChilliWorld was setup and is today staffed by chilli-heads who share your passion for the pleasure and pain which goes with discovering a new hot sauce experience. Our range of sauces is constantly expanding both through our own research and customer recommendation. We know you love the super-hot sauces so are always on the lookout for new arrivals on the scene. We also love the range and diversity of flavours from established producers sometimes using recipes that have been passed down for generations, look to the Caribbean for some great examples. There are also countless new producers, we couldn't hope to bring you them all, but some make a real splash on the market and give the big boys a run for their money at the Scovie awards. The Scovies are the hot sauce industry awards that everyone wants to win.

Also on our site we aim to bring you factual information about chillies and hot sauces, relative heat measures and how the heat is measured and compared. We have recently introduced our recipe section, a guide to creating culinary masterpieces with hot sauce. The recipe database is growing all the time. If you've any suggestions for this area, or any other area, please do not hesitate to use the contact us form to send us a message.

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Finally, we hope you enjoy our website and take the opportunity to try some of our products.We require certain information from you in order to be able to fulfill your order and communicate with you should the need arise. We respect your information and agree not to pass your details onto any other party or use them inappropriately, read our privacy statement for further information. Should you not be happy with your order then we will endeavour to resolve the problem to your satisfaction as soon as possible. .