Chilliworld: Hot Chilli Sauces from around the world. Whether you're a hardened chilli-head or a newcomer to the world of chilli and pepper sauces, we aim to please. Our selection of chilli sauce from around the world range from the mild to the insanely wild. We carry a wide variety of tasty Caribbean sauces, sauces with great names which make good gifts, to the food additives for which you must sign a disclaimer. If there's something you are looking for that we don't have, let us know, we'll try our best to get it.
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Search - Latest Additions

We are always adding to our range of hot sauces either through our own research, new products coming onto the market or in response to customer requests. Below is a list of sauces as we've added them, in descending order, i.e. the our latest addition is top of the list.

Scorpion Pepper 2014 Limited Edition Private Reserve from Dave's Gourmet, Inc.   Dave's Gourmet 2014 Limited Edition Private Reserve
  This is it... the latest offering from Dave's Gourmet in the Private Reserve range. An annual festival of hot sauce creation in which Dave comes-up with a meaner, badder sauce than the previous year, a real collectors item beautifully presented in the wooden coffin wrapped with caution tape!
Scorpion Hot Sauce from Sauce Crafters Inc.   Scorpion Hot Sauce
  With a tag line like "Reach for the Scorpion, it's got the sting you're looking for" you might think this is a bit cheesey but its actually a great tasting sauce with a pretty decent hit. The soy clearly comes through making it great just over boiled rice!
Pain 100% Hot Sauce from Original Juan Specialty Foods, Inc.   Pain 100% Hot Sauce
  Pain sauces are a range of sauces named for the obvious reason that they are designed to cause pain and none less so than this one, the name of which 100% Pain is pretty self explanatory. The great thing about Original Juan's Pain sauces are that they also have great flavour.
Ultimate Grill Kit 3 Pack Gift Set.   Ultimate Grill Kit 3 Pack Gift Set
  What do you get for the person who has everything? Well, there's still the world of exotic grilling to explore and this variety pack is just the job. Barbecue like you've never Barbecued before with special guests Dr Pepper and Jim Beam, and of course not forgetting to Slap Ya Mama... !?!?
CaJohns Jolokia Puree from CaJohns Fiery Foods Company   CaJohns Jolokia Puree 2oz.
  Since this is literally just Bhut Jolokia pureed and cooked-up with a small amount of vinegar the flavour and heat are intense. You can use this as you would fresh chillies in cooking, if you choose to eat it direct then you're on your own...
Dave's Gourmet Scorpion Hot Sauce from Dave's Gourmet, Inc.   Dave's Gourmet Scorpion Hot Sauce
  Dave never fails to disappoint and this sauce combines great taste with the sting of the Scorpion pepper, but cleverly its not too hot that you can't enjoy the taste. All peppers, no extract, in a vinegar base - kind of a super-charged Tabasco...
Zombie Repellent Apocalyptic Hot Sauce from Original Juan Specialty Foods, Inc.   Zombie Repellent Apocalyptic Hot Sauce
  Having trouble with zombies in the back garden - so annoying when they break into the shed isn't it? Well 'no problem', we have the perfect solution, this Zombie Repellent is so simple to use and 100% effective, you'll wish you bought it years ago.
Avoid apocalypse now the natural way...
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