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Recent Customer Reviews - All Customer Reviews

The 25 most recent reviews received, submitted by you - most recent shown first. Click here to see the full archive. Thank you for your contributions!

Endorphin Rush - MINI ME
This is a sauce for instant kick, neat or mixed in with your food - and the little bottle means you can take it anywhere, bring this out at the pizza restaurant and you'll be the centre of attention in no time ! - Paul Smith
Taste Opinion: Very Good Heat Opinion: Hot

Blair's Ultra Death Sauce
I choose to dip the tip of a french fry into the sauce and taste it, the experiance. No Initial pain until, Napalm went running down my through and my inside were warm for at least 45 minutes. the amount of tears shed for this sauce earns it a 10/10 - pshy
Taste Opinion: DIVINE !! Heat Opinion: Hot

Blair's Ultra Death Sauce
Very Nice, fairly hot. This seems to my reliable sause or goto sause at this point. It's flexible to work with a lot of dishes. One one thing against it is that it is almost too sweet, which is easily forgiven due to the heat level. -
Taste Opinion: DIVINE !! Heat Opinion: Hot

Blair's After Death Sauce
One drunken night my friends and I decided to consume a cap full of this sauce straight for some reason. Fair to say it was hot. Very hot. Mind numbingly hot. Oh my god it fucking nearly killed us. - Brian
Taste Opinion: OK Heat Opinion: TOO HOT !!

Blair's Ultra Death Sauce
too expensive in my opinion ($18). otherwise, great taste. definitely hot, but its bearable. i love it with pasta or con carne or rice or steak. Pretty much everything. Ive been a chili fanatic for years, but this is one good hot mama. - macho
Taste Opinion: Very Good Heat Opinion: Hot

Blair's 6 A.M.
I bought this based off the review that it would make my soup taste like tobacco and it did no such thing. - lip dippy
Taste Opinion: Grim Heat Opinion: TOO HOT !!

T-Rev's Stiff Willi Chili Texas Chili Mix
used a whole pack of this in a chilli with 2 lbs beef but it was worth it, real deep flavour, like most chillies better the next day too. will be using again for sure. - Kris Markham
Taste Opinion: Very Good Heat Opinion: Medium

Baron Passion Fruit Sauce
delivers an excellent, sweet-jerk flavor along with just enough kick to satisfy a salsa fan. fantastic with eggs, rice, and fish. worth importing. - billy lentz
Taste Opinion: DIVINE !! Heat Opinion: Medium

Da' Bomb Beyond Insanity
wow. I tried drop off my finger and taste my toque then hot and take bread rolls less hot. I love any hot spicy. Cool. - Wendell
Taste Opinion: Very Good Heat Opinion: TOO HOT !!

Mr Naga Hot Pepper Pickle - Very Hot
Peng - T-dog
Taste Opinion: DIVINE !! Heat Opinion: Medium

Ass Reaper Hot Sauce With Skull And Cape
F**King hot. The Hottest there is. This stuff will burn your face off! The hottest sauce I have EVER had. You have been warned!!! - Smokey
Taste Opinion: Very Good Heat Opinion: TOO HOT !!

Blair's 6 A.M.
If Anyone Even Dares to try to eat this sauce on its own, It will put your body into a shock and than death. 1 teaspoon of this will make a 10 GALLON soup taste like you put 100 bottles of tobacco! - Max
Taste Opinion: Very Good Heat Opinion: TOO HOT !!

Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce
Look man. All I'm saying is be fraking carefull, make sure you've got a fire extinguisher home before you try it. - Barna
Taste Opinion: DIVINE !! Heat Opinion: Mild

Mad Dog 357 with Bullet Keychain
I love it!!❤ if you use it according to Tate and respect of the HEAT!! I use about half a pea size drop IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE HOT USE LESS!!I love spicy and hot!! Don't get it in your eyes!! I did splash from my soup OUCH!🔥🔥 - Lady Kreation 303
Taste Opinion: DIVINE !! Heat Opinion: Hot

Dave's Gourmet 2013 Scorpion Limited Edition Reserve
This is one Hell of a hot sauce.Nice taste of smoked chipotle chilli in it (as far as I can tell) even if not in the ingredients, it has a lovely flavour.I mixed one drop into about 4 teaspoons of mayo & wow, what a heat & a nice long lingering burn. - John Huke
Taste Opinion: DIVINE !! Heat Opinion: Hot

TryMe Yucatan Sunshine Habanero Pepper Sauce
Not sure what everyone else is talking about with the label. Mine says habanero. This sauce is my absolute favorite for this type of sauce. I searched for a long time trying to figure out how 2 get more when my first bottle, which was a gift, ran out - Brian S
Taste Opinion: DIVINE !! Heat Opinion: Hot

Kiss Your Ass Goodbye
hotter than a goat's butt in a pepper patch... - bobby jo
Taste Opinion: Very Good Heat Opinion: Hot

Ring of Fire Habanero
One of the best flavorful sauces on the market. Compliments any food! - Ray
Taste Opinion: DIVINE !! Heat Opinion: Hot

Blair's 16 Million Reserve
This is the only known substance that can kill both Chuck Norris, and Godzilla. Derived from Satan's dingleberries and triple filtered through molten lava from Yellowstone supervolcano it leaves a clean refreshing crisp taste before you die. -
Taste Opinion: Very Good Heat Opinion: Mild

Blair's 16 Million Reserve
i chugged everything in the bottle and i ended up in the emergency too for three months and my tongue had to be surgically removed. people be very careful with this stuff! #yoloswag - jim
Taste Opinion: Good Heat Opinion: Medium

El Yucateco Chile Habanero Red
Excellent sauce with an extremely pleasant slow burn. Blended together very well you can enjoy many unique flavors within the first few mins. A good beginners sauce. usually a restaurants "hottest" sauce on the table, but def not in the whole place - Sw
Taste Opinion: DIVINE !! Heat Opinion: Medium

TABASCO Original Pepper Sauce
Just doesn't have the punch it used to years ago. The flavor is there but is overpowered by too much vinegar making it an awkward tasting and poorly blended mess. Its like an old engine that needs a tuneup but shouldn't be hauled to the junkyard yet - Sw
Taste Opinion: OK Heat Opinion: Wimp

TABASCO Chipotle Pepper Sauce
Excellent flavor! A hot sauce you specifically buy for flavor only. Goes well with just about anything smooth smokey taste that becomes addicting. Will end up buying a bottle a week and quite possibly should become a staple sauce in anyone's kitchen! - Sw
Taste Opinion: DIVINE !! Heat Opinion: Wimp

TryMe Tiger Sauce - The Original
My husband LOVES this sauce on everything. So sad to hear WalMart is discontinuing it. I hope to buy it direct. - Linda
Taste Opinion: DIVINE !! Heat Opinion: Medium

Mother Pucker's Fire Roasted Fusion
A Smokey Chilli Hit, a really nice tasting sauce, not too hot but hot enough to give a nice chilli hit to any meal, I use it as a table sauce and it goes great with Chicken. - Swampy
Taste Opinion: Very Good Heat Opinion: Medium

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