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Da' Bomb The Final Answer - I put 5 drops of this about have the size of dime on a large burrito my ears were ringing my equal liberium was all screwed up and water running off my nose like a faucet, I almost passed out. But I ate it all. Tedsters

DEFCON 2    All-Purpose Wing Sauce
DEFON 2 has been described as THE perfect Defcon 2 All-Purpose Wing Sauce from Defcon Sauces, LLCwing sauce. The sauce is made with agedcayenne peppers and contains cream which is what give it that rich flavour that you want for wings. Plus it also means it pours very well so you don't need to restrict yourself to just wings, what about chicken nuggets, onion rings or (one of my favorites) potato croquettes?

Ingredients: Aged cayenne peppers, distilled vinegar, water, salt, garlic powder, cayenne peppers, cream, white wine vinegar, natural flavors.
All Natural. No MSG. Gluten Free.
Note: If you don't use the entire bottle in one sitting then refrigerate as it contains dairy products.

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Classic Buffalo wings are deep fried in canola oil and aficionados will say the only way to go. Either deep fry until golden brown or alternatively you can bake flour coated wings in the oven (220 °C) for about 40 minutes, turning to cook evenly.

Once the wings are cooked then drizzle sauce over them or serve as a dip.
Not forgetting something to liven-up the festive fowl!
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